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Data Integrity & Security

Privacy Policy

Since we require user registration on our site which contains sensitive client information, we participate as a certified licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program.  Our privacy policy is documented here.

Internet Security

To ensure proper encryption and certificate validation when requesting sensitive sign-in information, we use Starfield Technologies, a well-known security validation company.  Our Internet Security Statement is documented here.

Data Confidentiality

Olson Research agrees to use the information provided by Clients only for the purposes set forth in Agreements to provide specific services and shall not otherwise disclose, use, disseminate or provide the information to any third party.

Disaster Recovery Plan

In the event of an emergency that affects our business processes, Olson Research has this disaster recovery and contingency plan in place.


Bank Service Company Act (FDIC)

We provide our clients with Form OMB NUMBER 3064-0029 in accordance with the reporting requirements of the Bank Service Company Act.  The Act requires insured financial institutions to notify their appropriate federal banking agency in writing of contracts or relationships with third parties that provide certain services to the institution.  The type of services we provide do trigger the notification requirements of the act.  While the form is optional, it eases the compliance process for our clients.


Our interest rate risk data has been referenced by federal regulators in publically available reports from two different agencies:

Modeling Component

Independent Cash Flow Calculation Confirmation

Here is a link to our latest Independent Accountant’s Report on our model’s cash flow calculator component.  This report was provided by Rosenbloom & Butler, CPAs, P.C. in Rockville, Maryland.

The focus of an independent review is to test the cash flow calculators embedded in Olson Research Associates, Inc.'s A/L BENCHMARKS service.  The calculators are used to estimate the future cash flows needed for both earnings and EVE stress-tests.  The purpose of the review is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the cash flow calculators compute properly.

Here are the AICPA's reporting requirements for agreed-upon procedures engagements:

Financial Information

dun & bradstreet

Olson Research Associates, Inc. is a small, privately-held corporation in the state of Maryland.  The financials are not publicly available. You may obtain our credit report from dun & bradstreet.  The company's D-U-N-S number is  116204439.