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50 years in the industry, and counting!

Olson Research is a consulting firm that serves the U.S. banking industry. Founded in 1970 the firm pioneered the development of forecasting and risk models for financial institutions. Over its long history the company has developed major innovations in interest rate risk measurement, practical solutions for model validations, and cutting edge professional educational programs. Currently we provide solutions to a wide array of clients including bankers, regulators, advisors, and auditors.

Meet our team

Brad Olson, President & CEO

Brad is President and CEO of Olson Research. Since joining the firm in 1989 Brad has guided the firm from its focus on custom A/L modeling software to its web-based service bureau product A/L BENCHMARKS. Brad is also one of the key developers of the firm’s training & education programs, including their highly interactive simulation BANKdynamics.

During his time with the firm Brad has helped design three generations of Olson’s financial modeling tools and now serves as the firm's Chief Executive. Brad received his BS in Computer Science from East Carolina University, and his MBA from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

On a day-to-day basis, he works directly with bankers, examiners, and auditors, helping them measure and monitor interest rate risk (IRR). He has developed several live in-person workshops used by large bank training programs as well as online courses to teach Interest Rate Risk Management for state bank examiners. In addition, he conducts educational seminars for various state banking associations and banking schools. He has also been a regular presenter at various industry association conferences.

Dave Olson, Vice President

Dave joined Olson Research in 1979. With responsibilities for systems design and programming, he is directly responsible for numerous technological enhancements.

Dave has been involved in the design, development and implementation of five generations of the Olson Research Financial Planning Model. He has seen the evolution from the days of Computer Time Sharing…to the PCs…to the various versions of the LANs…and now, to the ubiquitous Internet.

He spends his time designing and developing the company’s Web applications, enhancing the A/L model, and creating a technology vision. In addition, Dave is the architect for our internal operating and client management systems.

Kurt Schneckenburger, Vice President

Kurt joined Olson Research Associates, Inc. in 1981 as a Research Analyst. He is responsible for conducting research on financial instruments and banking issues. He works directly on complex financial modeling techniques for the Olson Research Financial Planning Models.

Kurt was the primary architect for the Olson Research bank and credit union educational simulations. He has written several articles for professional publications addressing banking, accounting, and modeling techniques. In addition, over our years at numerous banking schools, he served as an onsite technology manager.

Kurt earned his Master of Science in Economics from the University of Baltimore, his Master of Finance from Loyola College and holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Towson State University.

Karen Phillips, Office Manager

Karen joined our systems group in 1995, initially as a liaison between the internal technical group and the analysts supporting our customers. Her ability to simplify processes and facilitate communications is superior. Her current responsibilities include accounting; coordination of our entire renewal process; organizing all of our client banks’ data for the processing team, and producing final formatted reports.

Karen came to us with 20 years prior experience in database management, systems design & testing, and customer service. She has worked in manufacturing, healthcare, and service related industries.

Ron Olson, Chairman Emeritus

Ron founded Olson Research Associates in 1970 and, although retired from the day-to-day operations since 1999, currently serves as Chairman Emeritus. Until 1969 he served on the faculty at the University of Maryland (Robert H. Smith School of Business).

He is a CPA whose license was issued by the state of Indiana from 1972-1997 and he received his PhD in Business Administration from Indiana University in 1964. His doctoral dissertation (funded by the National Association of Bank Auditors and Controllers (NABAC, now known as BAI) and the American Accounting Association) helped produce a conceptual foundation for A/L models and interest variance analysis.

During the past 50 years Ron has served the banking industry in many ways. He has served as a financial consultant to hundreds of financial institutions on the subjects of asset/liability management and strategic planning. He has served on the faculties of numerous banking schools and conducted many seminars. He has been a frequent speaker at state and national banking meetings.

He has authored articles in professional journals and nine books on asset/liability management, including Community Bank Guide to Asset/Liability Management Policies and Strategic Financial Management for Commercial Banks. He was a member of the Financial Instruments Task Force for the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) from 1988 to 2002.