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"Our financial model predicts slow sales for years, followed by a huge surge in year ten... "

I just had to share. Here are my thoughts on the usefulness of a forecast beyond one-year:

via the website Dilbert by Scott Adams | Posted 01/03/2022

"Making predictions is a tricky business at the best of times, but especially so after a year of upheaval. Even so, that didn’t stop people from trying their hand at reading the crystal ball. If anything, the uncertainty creates a stronger temptation for us to try to forecast the year ahead." more... | via the website Visual Capitalist | Posted 01/05/2021

"Asset-liability management is often treated as a compliance exercise, not a decision engine. How can ALM help improve banks’ performance?" more... | via the website ABA Banking Journal | Posted 05/30/2020

Highlight from the OCC’s Fall 2013 Semiannual Risk Perspective more... | via the website Office of the Comptroller of the Currency | Posted 12/30/2013

OCC's Bulletin 2000-16 on Risk Modeling and Model Validation | more... | Posted 4/30/2000

"The OCC, the Board, and the FDIC (collectively referred to as the agencies) are issuing this joint agency policy statement (policy statement) to bankers to provide guidance on sound practices for managing interest rate risk." | more... | Posted 6/30/1996