Disaster Recovery Plan

Updated: 01/7/2021


The provision of a quality, customer driven service is a key objective of Olson Research Associates (ORA). Among other things this means providing a prompt and efficient service at all times.

With this aim in mind it is necessary for the ORA to consider how it would continue to operate and provide services in the event of a disaster. Although the services provided by ORA are tangential to the primary business of its bank clients, and as such should not cause undue hardship.

This plan considers the likely requirements in the event of a disaster scenario which sees the total elimination of ORA's office facilities and lays out a framework for responding to, and coping with, such a situation in a way that ensures essential services are quickly re-established.


There are potentially disasters that can affect the smooth operation of ORA from total destruction of the Office to partial destruction or loss of files and equipment.

With regard to general office procedures a framework for responding to total destruction has been established. The appropriate elements can then be used in the event of partial destruction or loss.


In the event of a disaster the Executive Management team will be responsible for coordinating the disaster recovery plan to deal with financial, office, communication and IT issues.

They will agree on the course of action and message to stakeholders. All staff has the necessary equipment to work from home until an office base is established.

An appropriate telephone system will need to be installed to support the temporary accommodations.

To recognize the importance of Information Technology within the organization a plan has been established which considers a number of different scenarios depending upon the extent of damage to the network system. The Information Technology Officer will:

  • Procure PC and software to maintain website

  • Configure Servers

  • Retrieve Backup from off site location

  • Restore databases

  • Restore mission critical applications

  • Re-establish email systems


ORA will regularly review its contingency plans and support systems. The company conducts ongoing and regular testing of its off-site staffing systems.